Memories are the stuff of life.  They remind us of whom we are, teach us about where we have been, and shape the future of who we want to be.  At StoryRock, we believe that everyone has memories worth keeping and stories that should be shared.

StoryRock Electronic Publishing develops customer-specific programs that help save, organize, and share memories. By incorporating photos, scanned images, and text documents along with other digital tools such as video, narration, music and Web links, we help make every story captivating.

To best capture all the stories of your life, we have developed separate programs in two major categories:

Digital Scrapbooking Software and Kits

StoryRock is the technology provider of the leading digital scrapbooking software for home use, allowing consumers to easily integrate all their memories into professionally designed pages. StoryRock also provides technology for MyMemories' digital scrapbooking kits, offered in numerous themes and styles.

Military Historical Records

Annual historical records can now become 21st century multimedia histories in a comprehensive, interactive format that is relevant to today's cutting-edge servicemen and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Because your memories are important, we are committed to preserving them in the most compelling, striking, and enduring way possible.  They are, after all, the stories of your life.